Every rehabilitation journey starts with an in-house evaluation. Dr. Dudley will perform orthopedic, neurologic, and rehabilitation examinations as needed to fully evaluate what is wrong and how best to treat your family member. She will also adjust pain medications as needed, help set short-term and long-term goals, and create custom at-home and in-house rehabilitation programs.

In-house rehabilitation sessions are lead either by Dr. Dudley, or one of her trained technicians. Sessions are generally 30 minutes and are mainly made up of therapeutic exercises, the main stay of any rehabilitation program. Depending on each patient’s individual need, additional therapies such as LASER and cryotherapy may also be used. Regular in-house sessions enable Dr. Dudley to adjust at-home programs as each patient progresses at their individual pace, and allows her to help you trouble shoot any problems you may be having. At the conclusion of your in-house sessions, your family member is graduated to at-home only exercise programs.