Low Stress Visits

Because wellness includes well being.

  • dog and cat

    For us “low stress” is thinking about the veterinary experience from our patient’s perspective and making changes with the goal of lowering stress levels and in turn creating a more positive visit for everyone, including our clients! Our team is trained to recognize signs of stress and respond appropriately. While we may not be able to completely remove every source of stress, we believe that when we can do better, we should do better.

    What’s low stress mean?
  • Yellow lab rolls over outside

    One of the biggest steps we have taken to change the veterinary experience for our canine patients is our outdoor exam room. This familiar space is free of the normal sights, smells, and sounds of a normal exam room and is a great option for dogs who are fearful of enclosed spaces. All of our exam rooms are stocked with treats and toys and our team is ready to get down on your pet’s level for their exam.

    Low stress for Dogs
  • Cute little ginger kitten is sleeping in soft blanket on wooden floor

    When it comes to our feline patients we have quite a few tricks up our sleeves to reduce their stress levels. As soon as you arrive you will be escorted to a private exam room where we use non-slip towels on our exam tables to make your cat feel more secure. Should your kitty need to stay here with us, they will take up residence in our exclusive cat ward, where they will enjoy soothing music and appeasing pheromones made especially for calming nervous cats.

    Low stress for Cats