Exams and Consultations

doctor was examining the dog

During your visit, our doctors will perform a nose to tail exam on your pet, checking all visible body systems for signs of concern. Regular physical exams are important as many health issues are much easier and less expensive to treat earlier on rather than later. We are here to help! Your concerns are our concerns, no matter how small or how many. Be sure to ask our doctors or technicians any questions you may have during your visit.


dog was under ultasonography check

Even the most thorough physical exam can sometimes leave questions unanswered. Diagnostics provide our doctors additional   information and guide the path to a diagnosis and help them build an effective treatment plan. Our hospital embraces technology that improves veterinary medicine. We offer a variety of in-house diagnostics including digital radiographs, ultrasound, tonometry, blood work, parasite screening, and cytology. 


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Vaccinations are necessary throughout your pet’s life to protect them from a few serious illnesses, as well as a few less serious  but highly contagious ones. Not every pet needs every vaccine we offer and vaccination schedules will vary depending on your pet’s age and lifestyle. Our goal is to work with you to find out which vaccines your pet needs without over-vaccinating them. 


doctor performing surgery

Should your pet need to have surgery at our hospital, rest assured that their safety is our utmost priority. Our doctorscreate a surgical plan that is individualized to your pet’s size, age, breed and health. A trained technician will be at your pet’s side from the time they go under anesthesia until they have fully recovered. During every anesthetic procedure, we monitor heart rate, respiration, temperature, EKG, blood oxygenation and blood pressure to ensure that your pet is safe. 

Orthopedic Surgery

orthography tools

When a pet suffers trauma or has a congenital condition, orthopedic surgery can be necessary in order to treat the problem. Our veterinarians are trained in orthopedics to treat joint injuries (such as ACL tears), hip dysplasia, medial patella luxation, and other conditions.


Rehabilitation at Dripping Springs Animal Hospital is led by Colleen Dudley, DVM. Her passion is to help pets in the Austin area achieve their best life by using rehabilitation to decrease pain and restore mobility.
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Laser Therapy

dog is sitting on the floor waiting for the laser therapy

One of our cutting edge treatments is laser therapy. Laser therapy is an effective way to reduce pain and accelerate healing thatis non-invasive, totally safe, and completely pain free. It is especially helpful for pets suffering from chronic and painful conditions such as arthritis, or pets who are recovering from injury or surgery.


Veterinarian cleaning teeth on a small pet cat

We offer a wide range of dentistry services including, complimentary dental health assessments (for existing clients), anesthetic dental cleaning and polishing, dental radiography, and tooth repair or extraction. During the dental procedure, we complete a comprehensive oral health assessment using periodontal probing followed by full mouth digital dental x-rays to visualize any issues below the gumline so that we can formulate a treatment plan.

Nutritional Counseling

cat and a dog eating food in the same bowl , indoor.

Proper nutrition is a vital part of your pet’s health. We can give you advice based on your pet’s unique needs so that you’reeducated on your pet’s dietary requirements. We can also make brand, portioning, and timing recommendations.


Guinea pig in a grass field

We treat goats, reptiles, rabbits, and other small mammals. If you have an exotic pet that requires veterinary care, please knowthat we believe they too deserve the best that veterinary medicine has to offer.

Health Certificates

French bulldog looks out of car window

Interstate and international health certificates are required legal documents that permit animals to move across state and international borders. They are typically required because the government wants to ensure that no contagious or infectious diseases are crossing the borders with your pet. Requirements vary by state and country and can be very complex and time consuming, so ask us if you have any questions on what you’ll be needing.


Lost dog sitting on the road alone

Every year, millions of pets run away from home. Having your pet microchipped drastically increases their chances of return. A microchip is a small (about the size of a grain of rice) implant that contains unique information about your pet. When scanned it will show your pet’s unique ID number that is linked to your contact information. So while collars often come off, microchips are a surefire way to have your information available to whoever finds your pet. The actual process is very similar to a vaccination – it’s fast, painless, and affordable.

Senior Wellness

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Your pet’s medical needs change as they grow older and depending on their size, life expectancy can vary drastically. Our doctors can help you navigate the uncertainty of caring for an aging pet and make realistic recommendations that work for you and your lifestyle.


doctors are giving bottle drip to the dog

We are here for you when you need us most. Our team is trained in emergency response and CPR. Should your pet become seriously injured or ill, our team is prepared to care for them until they can safely return home. In some cases, it is possible for patients to stay in the hospital overnight depending on the severity of their health concerns. If they need continued observation we can partner with one of the local overnight/emergency hospitals to ensure continuity of care.

End of life care

lady sitting on the bench with her cat watching the sunset

If your pet is nearing the end of their life, we want to help make them as comfortable as possible for as long as possible andensure there is no unnecessary suffering or stress. Deciding when it is time to say goodbye to a beloved companion can be one of the most difficult decisions we ever make and the answer is different for every person and every pet. Our veterinarians can help you make an informed decision when the time is right. We offer a variety of services to make your goodbye right for you which we can discuss when the time comes.